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A response to DUMPTHEBLOG

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

My dear friend @dumptheblog wrote a post on why he dislikes eBooks… I wrote a response (and since it was so lenghty) thought I’d actually post it on my blog for everyone to read.  Why did I post it here?  Because I am still doing my 100,000 page challenge and most of my reading to date has been done on an eReader.

Yes, I’m aware I haven’t actually updated the blog since I started the challenge… I suppose I should make my excuses for the lack of updates but at least this time it wasn’t because I didn’t ‘feel’ like it, which had been the case leading up to the 100,000 challenge.  (A co-worker had a personal issue and was out of work for several weeks leaving me doing her work and my own over the holiday season… oh and I work another part time job at church… I tend to over extend myself and it all caught up with me… that being said I am back and going strong… my first review will be The Magician, followed by a review of an old Nora Roberts Triology and then finally The Hunger Games Series and the final book of the Inheritance Cycle… I TOLD YOU I READ LOST OF BOOKS).



I really don’t agree with your take on this… that there is a great divide between team paper book and team eBook.  (SERIOUSLY I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’VE REFERRED TO THEM AS “TEAM WHATEVER” A LA TWILIGHT *disappointed frown*). 

I have a Nook and love it for all the reasons you mention (portability mostly as I read every day at work and read more than one book at any given time) but I’m not a pusher… I don’t go around saying that paper books or dead so everyone should convert, nor do I assume those who cling to their paper are dinosaurs, so I’m offended by the broad generalizations of each group.  That being said, the rest of my comments are going to come off as very PRO eBook… mostly in response to all the faults you list with them. 

I think that a lot of people are similar to me actually… that they LOVE their paper books but they simply can’t keep all their books because of the lack of space.  Case in point, I have 5 boxes in storage that haven’t been touched in years because it’s too difficult to move the boxes around and dig through them… what good are they doing anyone sitting there?  At least with my massive archive of eBooks I can go back and read them anytime I want… and I do re-read my eBooks!  How many books do you have that you re-read on a regular basis?  How many sit collecting dust that haven’t been cracked in years?  Would you be more apt to read them if it only took a few minutes to pull it from an archive?  What about if your house caught fire… all those books of yours would be gone, all of the dog eared pages and memories attached to them? 

What you describe in your post is your emotional attachment to an object and not necessarily the story it contains… and that I think is my biggest problem with why you hate them.  You can make notes and highlights and dog ear pages in an eBook… the same as you can in a paper book.  (Yes, not being able to read without power is problematic… so I won’t argue with you there).  Holding the tangible book in your hands CAN make a difference in how you read a story but it isn’t the only factor that should matter… A good book is a good book regardless of what format it is in.  I also think you are not taking into account the sheer number of people who are now able to self-publish and get their stories out there… this would have never been possible without eReaders as the publishing industry is notoriously hard to break into… unless you’re Snooki *shudder*.  (Some people SHOULDN’T be self-publishing… I’ve read some real trash… but I’ve also read some great AND FREE self-published stories). 

I do worry that eBooks will kill an already floundering industry, but I really doing think print will ever actually die.  For me, it’s about the story not the method of delivery so I’m happy with the eBook format.  I was once like you and thought I’d never like eBooks but I gave them a chance and I don’t regret it.  Do I still like reading a paper book, and do I still buy paper books… of course I do but I can’t find fault with how the format has expanded the scope of what I read and how I read it. 

Now the real travesty is that eBooks can’t be lent… yes, I can lend them on my Nook, but only once and only for 14 days.  Don’t get me started on how the lack of ‘open’ content and sharing of eBooks infuriates me. 




So…  I watched Firefly last night.  A mini marathon if you will.  Why?  Because it was one of many things I would have rather done than write a review of Monte Carlo.  That is what was slated for yesterday’s Sunday post.  In fact, I’ve composed a list of five things I’d rather do than write this Monte Carlo review.

  1.  Write an epic haiku about bumblebees
  2. Attempt to preform brain surgery on myself with a power drill
  3. Pour gasoline over my head and light a match
  4. Learn how to make my own peanut butter
  5. Do the gallon challenge

Fine.  I’ll stop procrastinating and write it.  GOSH.

I should preface this by saying I am often forced to see really, REALLY bad movies.  My sister, who puts up with my requests to see movies she doesn’t necessarily enjoy, in turn forces me to sit through utter crap (ie. romantic comedies and teenybopper films, oh and Twilight *shudder* I DREW THE LINE AT SEEING THE LAST SONG).  That’s not to say I’ve hated everything she’s forced me to sit through (I really liked Letters to Juliet) just that my tolerance for these sorts of films has been waning as I’ve gotten older.   I still have favourites (10 Things I Hate About You, How to Lose a Guy and so on and so forth) and I love campy films.  Films so bad they are good.  Monte Carlo was not campy, it was just two hours of my life I will never get back, and frankly, that just makes me angry.  YOU WOULDN’T LIKE ME WHEN I’M ANGRY.  *hulks out*


Gratuitous picture of Bluck (Blair+Chuck=Bluck). Ed Westwick wears the oddest clothing ever!

The film stars Selena Gomez from Disney Channel, Leighton Meester who plays Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl and some girl I didn’t recognize.  She was the one who was dating Finn Hudson, Glee’s Cory Monteith in the film, and was basically a step above white trash.  She was a high school dropout who is presumable in her early (I’d say late because I’m mean like that) 20’s who is best friend is a 17 year old girl.  Creepy right?  Do you think it’s even creepier that they are shacking up and going to Paris for a week?  I did.  I didn’t find her “aww shucks, it’ll be okay, life is grand” demeanor to be anything but irritating.  She did wear cute shoes though.  As my college roommate will tell you, shoes will make or break a film.

Anyways, Mommy and Daddy Gomez decided they didn’t trust Selena and Finn’s girlfriend alone in Paris so they send along Selena’s step-sister Blair Waldorf for the week.  If you’ve ever watched Gossip Girl (I’ll admit I have, it’s like a trashy soap opera or a telenovella WHICH I LOVE and am not ashamed to admit) you know that Blair Waldorf has a great big stick up her bum.  Well in this movie she’s basically Blair Waldorf BUT WORSE.  How is that even possible?!   How can that stick get any bigger?  [Insert your own Chuck Bass jokes here].

They get to Paris, their tour sucks, and they bitch and moan and are all “woe is me” because of it.  Apparently they’ve never heard of public transit, taxis or the fact that just because they paid for a tour, they are in no way obligated to ‘tour’ with the bus.  They can do whatever they please as they have a room and it isn’t changing for the week they are there so they don’t need to worry about being left behind in any one local.  SUCK IT UP, BUY A TOUR BOOK AND EXPLORE ON YOUR OWN.  GOSH.  Oh, and did I mention that Blair speaks perfect French?  That makes navigating even easier.  (My own trip to Europe would have benefited from this… I was in a new city every other night so I HAD to stay on my tour bus or not have a place to sleep for the night.  I also didn’t have anyone with me who spoke Spanish or Portuguese).

Well they get separated from their bus, run into a swank hotel and Selena is mistaken for a British

This is what 'Evil' heiress Selena Gomez looked like.

heiress.  She is shipped off to Monte Carlo for the week after deciding it would be fun to play dress up and masquerade as this girl.  Never mind the fact that identity theft is a real crime.  What follows are each of the girl’s stories about how they meet the perfect guy and fall in love.  In the case of Blair Waldorf she meets a scrumptious Australian who teaches her how to remove the stick from her bum.  Selena falls in love with an equally attractive French guy whose father owns the foundation the REAL heiress is making a donation of a priceless necklace too.  Oh… and Texas white trash realizes that the ‘high life’ isn’t for her and Finn is what she wants.  Rachel Berry is not amused.

You would think that with a name like Monte Carlo, you’d be treated to fabulous views of the country, fantastic clothes, the wealthy and elite.  You got very little of that, aside from the hotel room the girls are in for the week.  That would have made the movie at least bearable.  Have I made it clear how much I dislike to movie?  Had it been one girls love story, and had the other two remained the quirky sidekicks, I’d have probably enjoyed myself more.  They just spent the entire film developing three love stories, all in detail, which made the film drag ON and ON and ON and ON.  Oh, and the secret “twist” [SPOILER ALERT] to the film about how they get discovered and why… is that the necklace that is being donated to charity by the witchy heiress gets lost.  They admit what they’ve done and there are no legal ramifications.  In a real world they’d have been locked up for years.  Granted the necklace reappears at the last minute, so they can return it, but it’s still theft and identity fraud!

That’s my rant.  1 out of 5.  There is nothing redeeming about this film.  It’s predictable, slow paced and the whinging of the characters make you want to punch babies in the face.   Note:  I do not condone punching babies in the face.

Addendum:  My sister was very upset that in the Cars 2 review I did not point out that the fishing boat the the beginning of the film that drops Michael Caine’s character off on an oil rig was played by the Deadliest Catch ship captain Sig.  (The boat was also named the Northwestern which is the boat Captain Sig helms).