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I totally fail.  I give myself a deadline, then completly miss it?  In my defense the post was actually written for Thursday, I jut forgot to set a ‘publish’ time for it.  I also worked late because of a board meeting, then my aunt came in from St. Louis then I went to wine country and just got back.  EITHER WAY, the post is ready to go… and was written… Sooooo… Enjoy!?


While I’m not saying that EVERY Thursday will be a Trailer Watch, there is a new Harry Potter trailer out there and clearly if you haven’t watched it you need to.  Go ahead I’ll wait.

AMAZING RIGHT?!?!?!  It was on the front of Green Lantern and I literally had goose bumps as it played.  I tend to freak out anytime I am in a theater and an HP trailer comes on… even if I’ve seen it, much to the chagrin of my sister.  It also makes me incredibly sad that this wonderful journey is coming to an end.  I’ve grown up with these books, these movies, these actors… That being said, yes I’m going to the midnight premier for HP (I haven’t missed a midnight since Prisoner of Azkaban) and that’s not all.  I’ll be in costume… with 40 other people.  The ticket has been purchased.  SO FREAKING EXCITED.

Okay, I’m done geeking out.  There are a few other trailers I want to throw up for you.  Enjoy.


I can’t decide if I’m going to absolutely love this movie (Anton Yelchin/David Tennant/Toni Collette) or hate it (Colin Farrell).  I typically only see one ‘scary’ movie a year because they are not my cup of tea.  I’m not counting this as a true horror mind you, more a suspense/thriller.  I’m also utterly sick of vampires.  Still… I want to see it… if only to mock it when it’s bad, but how can it be bad with Anton Yelchin and David Tennant?!  Between now and August I’ll also be netflixing the original (1980s) version.  Have you seen the original, do you have any interest in this one?  Even though it is a remake, this trailer makes me feel like I’m watching a ‘classic’ horror film (think The Exorcist or Poltergeist or Children of the Corn).  Typically the ‘classics’ are all I ever watch and only around Halloween.  Maybe if Hollywood stops making torture porn (Hostel or Turistas) I’ll start watching more of them.


Have you read the books?  I downloaded the first one on my Nook because it was ridiculously cheap (like $1.99 or something when they put it on sale one week) and because everyone had been raving about the series.  I’ve read about 40 pages… I can’t get through it and frankly have given up on trying to finish it.  That being said I have NO clue what the movie is supposed to be about, but that trailer looks pretty bad ass.  I’m not necessarily a fan of all the quick cuts the trailer looks but the music and the gritty-ness of it means I’ll probably see it when it comes out.  Hey, at least this means that when I do see it, I won’t be able to complain incessantly about how they’ve changed things from the book.

That’s all for today, I’ll be back Sunday with a review of X-Men: First Class.