Now I know what you are probably thinking…

ANOTHER blog that offers movie reviews?  Yup, that’s what Strangers in the Dark is.

Aren’t there enough of those out there currently??!  Probably.

Is it necessary to use copious amounts of punctuation at the end of a sentence?!?!  No, but I’ll probably do it anyways.  I also abuse the ellipsis… you’ve been warned.

Are you still reading this nonsense?  Yes?  Good!  Hello there, I’m Sara and I’ll be your film critic.  No doubt you’re wondering what makes me qualified to wax poetically about films, and the most obvious answer is it’s my blog so I’ll write about whatever I please.  (So there!)  It ‘pleases’ me (but not in some kinky way, get your head out of the gutter)  to write about movies… about trailers, old releases from yester-year the latest summer blockbusters…. you name it, I love it.  Any genre.  A love of films and a good spellchecker is all anyone really needs right?  That and an opinion?  Trust me, I’ve got lots of opinions.

I’ve been an avid movie watcher all my life.  I even worked in a movie theater for six years seeing anything and everything that was released.  That’s right, I sat through Paul Blart Mall Cop AND Garfield… but only because they were free.  During my tenure as a popcorn slinger, ticket ripper and price gouging ticket ho (clearly I personally controlled the outrageous ticket prices that people were charged and was a price gouging ticket ho as a result) the idea for a blog was tossed around by several of my co-workers… and so “Strangers in the Dark” was born.  That’s right, I’m ripping off the name that someone far more clever than me came up with.  Everyone loved the idea but no one wanted to bother putting the effort into creating and managing the blog.  It was far easier to just talk about how fun it would be to have a site to review movies on.

So why now after all this time am I finally starting that blog?  I love movies and I love to write, but I haven’t truly spent anytime writing in a year or more.  The only way to fix it is to write, but write on a subject I’m passionate about.  So that’s just what I’m doing.  Sit back and enjoy the show… oh, and pass the Milkduds.


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