Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?

Posted: July 14, 2011 in general thoughts

I am the type of person who likes structure.  Who plans and nitpicks and re-plans and comes up with various contingency plans in case something goes wrong.  No, I’m not a stick in the mud; *cough*anal retentive*cough* I just like to be prepared.  Why then, with less than 30 hours before the new Harry Potter premiere did I decide I needed to change my costume?  Because I absolutely bonkers.  Clearly.

On my way home from work there is a costume shop.  They are advertising Harry Potter ‘stuff’ is 20% off.  I pulled in just to scope it out yesterday, not realizing they were closed.  (This shop seriously has the WORST hours ever).  In the window they had three death eater costumes.   I got to thinking, how fun it would be to show up as a death eater and surprise everyone who thought I’d be attending as Ginny Weasley Romilda Vane.  (Don’t get me started on why *I* couldn’t be Ginny Weasley, I am bitter over this because yes, HP is SERIOUS BUSINESS so stfu and stop mocking me IT ISN’T JUST A MOVIE GOSH).

I called my friend Anna, (who sucks because she went to California and will NOT be seeing the midnight premiere with me) gushing over the idea.  Anna encouraged me.  I love her for this reason.  Oh, and also because if she were with me she’d be dressed as Bellatrix and would look like an utter rock star.  /continues story

I stopped at Party City and looked for a cloak to wear.  Found none.  Went to Joann’s, looked at patterns and fabric to make one then finally ended up at Walmart, where I bought black bed sheets.  Oh, I got a white party mask, some silver spray paint and a paint pen to create the mask at Joann’s but that was actually the least of my worries, the mask was easy-peasey.

I got home and began working on the mask, and told my mother my plan to somehow convert bed sheets into a hooded cloak.  God bless her, she agreed to help me and actually ended up making the whole thing for me.  I had figured I’d be on my own.  Plus she had a head cold and was feeling pretty miserable, so her help was even MORE appreciated.  You gotta love that she was indulging my particular brand o’crazy.  We googled something resembling instructions and she got to work.  It took her about three hours but when we were done we had a hooded cloak.

I’ll throw on some black pants and t-shirt, the cloak and my mask and I’ll be the baddest DE around.  Oh, and I’ll have my wand and requisite dark mark on my arm.  I just really hope it can be washed off before I go to work tomorrow; I don’t particularly relish trying to explain it at a meeting tomorrow afternoon.  I also can’t remember which arm the mark is supposed to be on.  I’m thinking it goes on the left arm, but I’m left handed so drawing this could be tricky.  If I had more time, I probably would have bought a pattern for a cloak and had a nicer version made, I’d also have roughed up the mask a bit more and done some more texturizing/patina but for one night of use I’m content.

So… on that note, I am nearly ready to head off to the premiere.  Camera is ready!

  1. Hope says:

    Our review will be up tomorrow! Why on earth could you not be Ginny? You rock the Ginny look! I can’t wait to see the Death Eater costume! I didn’t dress up, but I wore my Gryffindor shirt with pride! I think I’d make an excellent Luna or movie Hermione (as movie Hermione is actually more blonde than brunette)! I still remember seeing Goblet of Fire at midnight with you and running into a full costumed Dumbledore!

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